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Everyone is talking about simplifying, organizing and downsizing. The best time to do all of this is BEFORE you move, not after you move. Here's what we're hearing...


"I want to move, but I don't know where to begin."

"What do I do with all the stuff my family and I don't want?"

"There's so much to do and so little time to get it done before Move Day!"

"Moving? Am I doing the right thing?"


Moving for seniors is often accompanied by feelings of excitement, guilt and anxiety. Just the thought of going through years of accumulated treasures, downsizing and getting organized, causes people to become... OVERWHELMED!

No doubt about it, moving for seniors is stressful. Whether you're moving for the first time or the fifteenth time, moving across town or moving around the world, we can help. We'll plan and organize your move, sort and downsize your stuff and take care of all the details to reduce the work and worry for everyone involved. Here is the services we can offer:


  • Take care of all aspects of moving to your new home

  • Clear clutter and organize your living space.

  • Edit your stuff so you keep only what you love, use and need!

  • Donate, sell or discard items you no longer want.

  • Dispose of toxic items in an environmentally-friendly manner.

  • Arrange for a Contents Sale or Auction

  • Get your house ready, so it will sell faster and for more money!

  • Coordinate home repairs - from painters to plumbers, we know them all!

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