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Property Management

Managing rental properties can be a big headache for property owners who try to go it alone. Home, condo, or apartment property management requires hours and hours of careful attention to make sure the property is rented out, properly maintained, and protected from harm.

Even seemingly small tasks such as negotiating a lease with a tenant, or arranging for rental contracts to be signed, can be a real nuisance when you have other important things to worry about.

It doesn’t matter if you own one rental home or several, our goal is to protect and maximize your property investment.

Using 25 years of experience we have streamlined our processes to help rental property owners maximize rental income while minimizing expenses and inefficiencies.


We can take care of all types of residential rental properties for our clients - houses, condos, duplexes, triplexes, and apartment rental complexes. In addition, we can manage commercial and institutionally owned property.

With rental management services from Hennessey Property Management you will receive your rent checks each month without having to lift a finger.

Total rental care of your residential or commercial properties includes:
  • Showing your property to prospective tenants

  • Negotiating your leases and arranging contracts to be signed

  • Collecting and depositing your monthly rental payments

  • Keeping your properties rented to capacity

  • Property upkeep and maintenance services

  • Renovations and all repair services

  • Emergency and unscheduled repairs

  • Seasonal preparation of your property (Spring and Winter)

  • Daily and weekly site visits to insure proper presentation of your property


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